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Laser Gum Surgery Video

Lasers have now been introduced for the treatment of gum diseases. It is very effective and we now avoid doing an open flap surgery in 70% of cases. There are a few variations as to how the procedure is done and what type of laser is used. One of the methods of laser gum surgery is known as LANAP: Laser assisted new attachment procedure The LANAP method of gum surgery is shown in the video below: […]

Mouthwash- Does it fight Bad Breath?

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath is widespread around the world: Up to half of people in the U.S. say they have bad breath, 50-60% of people in France complain of it, and 24% of Japanese say it’s a problem. Bad breath is caused by bacteria and traces of food that collect in the back of and creases of the tongue. These particles and bacteria then break down into ‘volatile sulphur compounds’, which are responsible for the smell. […]

Coffee helps fight mouth cancer

Do you love your cuppa coffee? Well good news for you: you have less chances of developing oral and pharynx cancers. A novel study shows benefit of having coffee, highlighting that it helps fight against mouth cancer. Some of the 1,000 chemicals present in coffee – including antioxidants – can offer protection against many types of cancer, a new research has said. […]

Worthless Wisdom Tooth is goldmine of stem cells

The good for nothing painful wisdom tooth may finally have some worth. Scientists say the wisdom tooth, which is usually extracted, is a rich source of stem cells. The soft pulp inside the tooth contains a population of cells known as mesenchymal stromal cells – which are similar to cellsfound in bone marrow, a common stem cell source. […]

Obesity linked to Gum Disease

A recent study has shown a definite co-relation between obesity and gum disease. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Puerto Rico conducted a study for a full 16 years and came to a conclusion which has far-reaching importance for public health. These findings were recently presented at the annual session of the International Association for Dental Research. […]