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Wisdom Teeth

More than half the people of the world have suferred at some time because of wisdom teeth. But what are wisdom teeth, and why do wisdom teeth cause problems and what is the solution? I shall try to explain about wisdom teeth in brief through these wisdom teeth faqs What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are the third molars. These teeth normally erupt between the ages 18-25. It is generally believed that we achieve wisdom at this age, hence the name wisdom teeth. […]

Types of anesthesia used for dental treatment/ dental implants

There are 3 types of anesthesia which can be used for dental/dental implant procedures: Local Anesthesia: This is the traditional method. The dentist gives an injection of a medicine called a ‘local anesthetic’ into the mouth which will numb the area where the treatment is being done. There is no effect on other parts of the body such as dizziness, or drowsiness. That is why its called ‘local’. […]

Worthless Wisdom Tooth is goldmine of stem cells

The good for nothing painful wisdom tooth may finally have some worth. Scientists say the wisdom tooth, which is usually extracted, is a rich source of stem cells. The soft pulp inside the tooth contains a population of cells known as mesenchymal stromal cells – which are similar to cellsfound in bone marrow, a common stem cell source. […]