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Cost of Dental Implants

Dental Implants is now the first choice of people who need new tooth/teeth. However there is a lot of variation regarding the cost of dental implants. In fact the way the cost is determined also varies from doctor to doctor. The reason for this is simple: there are many variable factors involved in the dental implant treatment.

The cost varies according to the following factors:

  •  Type of implant

Implants may be of different types: one piece/2 piece,

the attachment may be straight/angled, it may be standard/custom

  • Type of restoration

The restoration may be of different types: standard pfm, zirconia; manual/CAD CAM, precious metal

  • Who does it:

As discussed earlier, implants are placed by specialists (oral surgeons/ periodontists) or general dentists.
You are assured of better skill and expertise when done by a specialist and accordingly the cost may be higher when done by a specialist.

  •  Additional Procedures/ Materials required

Some cases of implants require additional procedures to be done at the same time such as GBR, sinus lift, ridge split and so on. Additional costs are incurred if additional procedures are required.

  • Type of Anaesthesia

As described in There are 3 types of anesthesia which can be used for dental implant procedures:

Local Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia plus sedation

General Anesthesia

Sedation and general anesthesia require special facilities which are not present in all dental clinics, and presence of an anesthesiologist. So use of this type of anesthesia may increase cost.

  •  Where it is done:

Procedure is costlier in developed countries such as US, Europe but cost-effective in countries like India. Here implants are done at a very low cost but you get the best quality there is in the world.

Similarly in India, implants are more expensive in metro cities like Mumbai or Delhi, but reasonable in mid-level cities like Ahmedabad.

Since there are so many different factors, it is not possible to give a simple answer to this question of cost of implants.

Dr Madan’s final comments:

My wife and I (Dr Gautam Madan) are oral and maxillofacial surgeons. We are specialists in jaw and face surgery. Dental implants comes under our specialty.

At our dental implant centre, we offer two types of implants:
Standard: all certifications, but brand is not publicised:
Indian Rupees 25000 for a single tooth implant, inclusive of implant, straight abutment and standard pfm crown (approx $550)

Branded: all certifications, brand publicised like Nobel, Zimmer or Biohorizons: Indian rupees 35000 for a single tooth implant, inclusive of implant, straight abutment and standard pfm crown (approx $775)

We charge additional for additional procedures like bone grafting, etc. This varies from case to case.
I believe we have the lowest cost of dental implants anywhere in the world: low cost but high quality

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