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Dental Implant Specialists

Dental implants is currently the most popular and best treatment available for getting new teeth. Nowadays so many dentists are offerring dental implant treatment. However all dentist are not the same. Some are general dentists, whereas some are specialists in different fields of dentistry. Currently there is no separate and formal specialty of dental implants.

Dental implants involve two procedures:

Part 1 : placing of implants: minor surgical procedure: oral surgeons/ periodontists

Part 2 : preparing teeth over the implants: prosthodontists/ oral surgeons/ periodontists/ general dentists

 In UK, the General Dental Council (GDC) has imposed recently (2008) strict training requirements for dentists involved in dental implantology.

In United States, India and in most parts of the world, any licensed dentist may perform dental implant procedures.

 So you have several options in choosing a dental implant dentist. But the specialists accepted worldwide as dental implant specialist are the following:

 Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

These are specialists in surgery of the teeth, jaws and face. Since the success of dental implants depends critically on how well the implants are placed in the jaw bone, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the dental implant specialists. Becoming an oral surgeon requires additional training of at least 3 years and residency (which includes maxillofacial surgery) after completing at least 5 years of dental college (school).

The oral surgeon’s expertise is necessary for the proper planning and placement of dental implants especially if the patient has jaw joint problems, bruxism or bone loss. If advanced surgical procedures like sinus lift, ridge split, or similar advanced procedures are required, oral surgeons are the specialists to go to.

Some oral surgeons perform both aspects of the procedure whereas some will just plan and place the implants; and stage 2 would be performed by the prosthodontist or the general dentist.


Periodontists are specialists in treatment of the gums, and are also another popular option as your dental implant dentist. Periodontists are expert in treating bone loss around natural teeth, and this expertise comes useful while placing implants in sites where there is lack of bone.

Worldwide most implant placement is done by Oral surgeons and Periodontists.


Prosthodontists are expert in crown and bridge and dentures. Although prosthodontists specialize in the restoration part of the dental implant procedure, some of them also choose to perform the dental implant surgery and the placing of the implants, while referring the more difficult cases to an oral surgeon.

 General Dentists

There are also many general dentists who have had advanced training in dental implants. If your regular dentist is qualified and your case is a simple one that your dentist feels confident about, you might not need to refer to another dental implant specialist. You need to be especially careful because many dentists are nowadays placing implants by just attending a few courses in conferences, and this can lead to problems in certain cases.

Dr Madan’s final comments: My wife Dr Sonal Madan  and I, Dr Gautam Madan are both oral and maxillofacial surgeons. We are pioneers in dental implant treatment in Gujarat. We are expert in special implant related surgeries such as sinus lift, ridge expansion, ridge split, bone grafting and so on.

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