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Wisdom tooth removal procedure: partial bony

This is a very nice video giving you an idea of the procedure of removing a partial bony impacted wisdom tooth. Continue reading Wisdom tooth removal procedure: partial bony

What are wisdom teeth?

This video describes in brief about wisdom teeth and problems that can be caused by wisdom teeth. Continue reading What are wisdom teeth?

Cost of Dental Implants

A very commonly asked question to us through email or phone is ‘How much does a dental implant cost?’

The video below will give some idea of the cost of dental implants in US. However if you are looking for high quality but affordable dental implants go to the part below the video. Continue reading Cost of Dental Implants

Laser Gum Surgery Video

Modern lifestyle and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, stress is causing gum problems to be very common.

The treatment options for gum disease is scaling, deep scaling(curettage) or flap surgery (with or without bone grafting).

Lasers have now been introduced for the treatment of gum diseases. It is very effective and we now avoid doing an open flap surgery in 70% of cases.

There are a few variations as to how the procedure is done and what type of laser is used. One type of proprietary laser procedure using Nd:Yag laser is known as LANAP
: laser assisted new attachment procedure. This procedure is developed and trademarked by Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc USA.

The LANAP gum surgery is shown in the video below:

We at Madan Dental Hospital in Ahmedabad India are at the forefront of technology for dental treatment. We have a 10w diode laser and it is used for laser gum surgery, teeth whitening, gum lifts, treatment of oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF).

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, specially wisdom teeth that are partially erupted can create a lot of problems. That is why we many time advise early removal of the wisdom teeth even though it may not be hurting. A common reaction to our suggestion for preventive removal of wisdom teeth is ‘why remove wisdom teeth if it is not hurting?’

The video below is an answer to why we advise removal of wisdom teeth before they cause a serious problem. Continue reading Why Remove Wisdom Teeth