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Toothache Troubles?

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal is a minor surgical procedure. The video below shows an excellent animation of the wisdom tooth removal procedure. Continue reading Wisdom Tooth Removal

Taking Care of Dental Implants

How to take care of your dental implants
Dental Implants have a very high success rate and a long life if done properly.
Dental implants are an investment in you, so it makes sense to take care of your dental implants.
The video shown below summarizes nicely how you should take care of your dental implant and restorations.

Dr Madan is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He is expert in dental implants, specially challenging cases where there is less bone. He has written a booklet called:

Dental Implant Info: 10 things you should know before you go for dental implants.

 It will be available for download very soon. Keep coming back to know more about it.

What are Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants


Dr Madan is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and a specialist in dental implants. He is expert in challenging cases where there is less bone for anchoring dental implants. To give you more information about ‘what are dental implants’, Dr Madan has written a book on dental implants called:

Dental Implant Info – 10 things to know before you go for Dental Implants

Wisdom Teeth

More than half the people of the world have suferred at some time because of wisdom teeth. But what are wisdom teeth, and why do wisdom teeth cause problems?
I shall try to explain about wisdom teeth in brief through these wisdom teeth faqs

Impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

What are wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth are the third molars. These teeth normally erupt between the ages 18-25. It is generally believed that we achieve wisdom at this age, hence the name wisdom teeth. Continue reading Wisdom Teeth

Dental Implant Specialists

Dental implants is currently the most popular and best treatment available for getting new teeth. Nowadays so many dentists are offerring dental implant treatment. However all dentist are not the same. Some are general dentists, whereas some are specialists in different fields of dentistry. Currently there is no separate and formal specialty of dental implants.

Dental implants involve two procedures: Continue reading Dental Implant Specialists