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Toothache Troubles?

Dr Madan's book provides 16 Home Remedies proven to provide quick relief from even severe toothache
Time-tested, Effective
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Book: Toothache Home Remedies

Severe Toothache?

A toothache is the worst sort of pain!

Get quick Toothache relief with my 16 Proven, Time-tested Home Remedies!

Home Remedies For Emergency Relief of Toothache

Toothache Home Remedies

This is the first such book for emergency pain relief written by a dentist!

Toothache is the worst sort of pain. It takes complete charge of your life.
You cannot chew, you cannot work, it takes total control of your life!
I am here to help! My book will help you:

Get Toothache Relief within minutes!!!

For a Limited Period this book (ebook) is available for
Only $4.99 (approx indian rupees two hundred fifty)
This book will guide you to quick pain relief using materials easily found in every home!
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dental implants If you are not satisfied with the book, you get a no-questions-asked refund
I am here to help you, guide you to get quick relief from your pain.
My book will tell you when to try out home remedies and when not to!
If you have any of these red alert signs, immediately go to the emergency room of nearest hospital!
We have included:
  • a description of 9 different conditions which can cause severe pain and how you can recognize them.
  • 4 symptoms which are red-alert signs. If you have any one of these, do not waste time doing these home remedies, and  immediately go to the emergency room of your nearest hospital.
  • 5 practical steps you can take first when you have toothache.
  • To top it all is the final chapter of this book: ‘how to prevent future toothache from returning’

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So you can see that my book is unique
and is backed by my expertise and experience.

Having this book with you is like having me (and my expertise) hand-holding you

Get this book and download it, and you are not helpless any more!
You will be told what can cause pain and which method would work better for your particular problem.

You will be advised when not to try these home remedies. You will get quick relief from your pain.

You will then get further advice on what to do to prevent future toothache!
dental implant ebook

dental implants If you are not satisfied with the book, you get a no-questions-asked refund
Only $4.99 (approx Indian Rupees 250/-)

Why is this book not free?

Because I believe that we do not value free things.

$4.99 is just a token value, in fact this book is priceless!

By putting a token value and not giving it free I am assured that only the genuinely interested person will be able to get an advantage and that it will not be misused by persons who download the book just because it is free!

How can you get this book free?

Only those who consult me in person at my clinic, or have taken treatment from me in the past can get this book free of cost. If that is the case, drop an email to me with your name and treatment taken or consultation done date at

drmadan[at]     (while emailing subsitute [at] with @)