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Book: Dental Implant Info

What are Dental Implants?

If that’s the question in your mind, we have the answer for you!

Hi, I am Dr Gautam Madan and I am a specialist in dental implants.

Have you been advised to get Dental Implants? Thinking of getting dental implants?

STOP! Get this book first.

Dental Implant Info-

10 things to know about Dental Implants

what are dental implants

In this ebook I have given all information about dental implants and dental implant treatment: the things you should absolutely know before you go for dental implant treatment.


  1. What are Dental Implants
  2. Is this a new treatment
  3. Advantages of Dental Implants
  4. Desired Facilities of a Dental Implant Clinic
  5. Who should get Dental Implants, and who should not?
  6. Dental Implant Procedure
  7. Cost of Dental Implants

For a Limited Time, I am giving this book (ebook)
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This is an ebook

It has 45 pages written in an easy to understand style and language

There are lots of illustrations and photos (I promise there are NO gross surgical photos!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did I write this book?

To help people make a correct decision about dental implants. We have a natural fear of the unknown, and this fear and anxiety does not allow us to take a correct decision.
This book gives you unbiased information about dental implants.

How will this book help you?

This book will clear all your doubts (I hope!) regarding dental implants and dental implant treatment. This will enable you to make a correct decision, whether to go for dental implants or not; and if yes, you know what all is going to happen.
This will make you a better patient and your experience more pleasant.

Who should buy this book?

You should buy this book only:

  • If you have a missing tooth or teeth, and you want to know what are the different methods or getting new teeth
  • If you have been advised to go for dental implants, but you want more information before taking the final decision
  • If you have already taken the decision to get dental implants but not yet started treatment

Why does this book cost so less? Such books are usually selling on the internet for around $27 or more

We want to make it affordable for everyone.

$9.95 is what you would pay for a pizza. But for the cost of a pizza you are getting priceless information.

This information in this book will help you make a important decision: whether to go for dental implants or not!

This book will help you be better prepared for getting the dental implant procedure done. It’ll make you a better patient.

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